Greening In The School Environment

Greening In The School Environment

Greening is a very important activity carried out in dealing with environmental crises and global warming that is currently happening. Greening has various roles and functions.

A conducive school environment is needed in producing capable graduates through a teaching and learning process based on a quality education system. Not only that, a conducive school environment will also contribute to the realization of a quality lifestyle that is currently indispensable in increasing the competitiveness of the nation in the eyes of the world while preserving Indonesia’s rich natural resources.
Greening is very easy to do if there is a willingness from each individual.

Because the benefits of greening are very big for our health. We invite students to do greening in their schools. And the teachers must convince the students of the positive and negative effects of greening. And invite their students to green with interesting things. For example: doing a thousand flower planting event at school.

Providing knowledge and establishing awareness about clean and healthy living behaviors is considered very effective when done on students from junior high school. It is hoped that when they are outside the school environment, they are able to apply a clean and healthy life like when they were in school.

The role and function of reforestation is as an environmental lung that is needed by living things to breathe as an environmental regulator that can provide coolness, comfort and freshness in the surrounding environment, as a creator of the environment that can preserve the beauty that exists in the environment, as natural balancing that can form a natural place of life for animals that live around the environment, as a protection that can provide natural physical conditions around the environment, as a beauty that can be used as a panorama of the environment, as health that can provide physical, physical, and spiritual healthy for living things around it. In addition, if there is no greening in a school there are many negative effects such as global warming, namely the depletion of the ozone layer in the air due to solar warming and lack of healthy air and lack of greening.

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